for fiber cement cylinder moulds, formers, thickeners, dandy rolls,
breast rolls, dryer screens and polyester shrinking covers

We manufacture high quality diagonally seamed non-marking cylinder mould covers for many industries such as the fibre-cement, cardboard, paper and pulp, fine cigarette paper or cellulose manufacturers and for the waste paper recycling mills.

Our diagonal fabrics achieve outstanding running times on your cylinders. We supply precisely according your dimensions required and with a seam suitable for your process.

The seams are absolutely non-marking, straight and diagonal gold solder-seam, twisted wire cloth with soldered seam, prepared gold solder seam, plasma seam.

  • Diagonally gold solder seam

  • Gold solder seam (straight)

  • Plasma seam

  • Synthetic shrinking wire cloth

    with non-marking woven seams for forming, dewatering, pressing drying for paper and non-woven industries.

We weave an extensive selection of different weaving patterns ranging from 2/cm to 40/cm with aperture sizes from 4.1 to 0.14 mm and up to 9 meter wide.

  • Plain weave

  • Plain weave with profiled wires (half-round)

We also weave:

  • twill weave 3-shaft

  • twill weave 4-shaft (2-2 weave)
  • twill weave (3-1 weave)
  • herringbone twill weave 4- shaft

  • plain dutch weave

  • twill dutch weave

  • reverse plain and twill dutch weave

  • multi warp twisted plain weave

  • multi warp twisted 3-shaft weave

Our ISO 9001 certified factory Siebfabrik weaves to the latest level of technology and our field engineers are available for all questions concerning fabrics applications, mounting the screens onto the cylinders at our factory and worldwide installation services.

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