for thickeners, forming and dryer screens, dewatering and filtration screens,
conveying and press screens, transportation belts

We are weaving specialists and manufacture high-quality wire cloths in all weavable materials, polyester, PPS, peek, kynar, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals such as bronze, copper or brass.

Synthetic wire cloths are available in many different types of weaves and mesh sizes for numerous industries.

The paper and cardboard industries use our shrinking sleeves on forming rolls, cylinder moulds and thickeners. Our synthetic fabrics are also installed on sludge dewatering presses.

Shrinking of a polyester mesh with high temperature

We also supply synthetic fabrics for:

  • Cellulose and hardboard industries – for dewatering

  • Glass fibre industry – for impregnation and forming

  • Gypsum board industry – for dewatering

  • Dairy industry – for whey separation

For the non-woven industry we manufacture synthetic fabrics for:

  • Water jet machines

  • Conveyor belts

  • Impregnation, binding and forming

Synthetic fabrics for airlaid process:

  • Single layer and multilayer synthetic fabrics for impregnation/binding special PTFE-Polyester against pollution and adhesion
  • Multilayer conductive synthetic fabric for forming special antistatic material

  • Synthetic woven seam by woven seam or double pin-seam special SFM – antistatic

Our partner Siebfabrik supplies fabrics with non-marking woven seams, two times interlocked woven seams, spiral seam backwoven, pin seam backwoven (four times interlocked), anchor seams (hook pin seam).

  • Two times interlocked woven seam

  • Woven seam

  • Spiral seam, back woven

All our plastic wire cloths have heat cut, sealed edges to prevent fraying. It is possible to impregnate the edges with a soft resin (thickness and width according to requirements).

We weave to highest precision on high technology computer controlled weaving machines.

Please contact us and together we will find the best solutions. Our highly qualified engineers are available for on-site installations worldwide.

Our ISO 9001 certified factory Siebfabrik weaves to the latest level of technology and our field engineers are available for all questions concerning fabrics applications, mounting the screens onto the cylinders at our factory and worldwide installation services.

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