for the Security Papers and Banknote Industry

We are the specialists for the supply of phosphorbronze wire mesh used in the production of banknote and security papers.

Our ISO certified factory Siebfabrik weaves all current meshes precisely and absolutely true-to-mesh.

We meet the highest quality standards required in the production of security papers and comply with the most stringent demands. Reliability, precision and the latest state of art of weaving process will give best results in your production.

  • Precision bronze wire cloth, absolutely true-to-mesh

  • Especially matched mechanical properties of woven meshes and annealing processes to make an embossing of the watermarks under optimal conditions

  • Strict quality controls with tightest tolerances for a guaranteed, reproducible watermark quality

  • Long life time for efficient production

  • Exact geometry – perfect for use with or without embossing frames

We hold most current mesh sizes:
7/cm; 9/cm; 14/cm; 28/cm and 32/cm on stock.

Our ISO 9001 certified factory Siebfabrik weaves to the latest level of technology and our field engineers are available for all questions concerning fabrics applications, mounting the screens onto the cylinders at our factory and worldwide installation services.

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